Room Temp is the New Chilled…

Finally, the tepid combination of chicken and milk come together as a delicious, nutritious, and hard to choke back drink! Chilk provides protein, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Packed with chunky, authentic flavor, we suggest serving Chilk slightly above room temperature. Chilk is for everyone, unlike Jesus and other over-hyped healthy trends like eating vegetables or breathing clean air. Kids love the color and slightly funky aroma. Moms love the way it can sit on a shelf or pantry for decades. Seniors love the vitamins and minerals, while Millennials love the irony.


Brain Power

How else are you going to improve your intelligence, reading? Come on, don’t be stupid.


Let’s be real, strong bones break, soft bones bend. With extended use, your skeletal infrastructure can become pliable cartilage.

Weight Loss

If you can keep it down, and exercise a lot you could experience some weight loss.

Build Muscle

This is highly unlikely, but again, with a vigorous routine of weightlifting, it is possible.


Our non-accredited science team has discovered that a daily serving of Chilk, could alter mood and behavior. Some testing showed a definitive increase in absenteeism.

Heart Health

Keeping your heart healthy and pumping is really up to someone else, please don’t put that on us, we’re already under a lot of pressure.